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Doctor visits often feel impersonal, expensive & overwhelming. Sequoia MD provides direct, personalized care when you need it so you can enjoy a healthy, meaningful life.

We create a safe space to get the care you need.

Patient Centered

Our team recommends what is best for you, not your insurance

In-Person & Telemedicine

We offer in-person and virtual telemedicine services.

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Visiting a new doctor in Sacramento can leave you with a lot of questions:

Will they understand my needs?
Will it be a safe space to fully disclose?
Will my insurance approve this?

Sequoia MD provides direct, personalized care when you need it so you can enjoy a healthy, meaningful life.

Everyone deserves easy access to quality care.

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Personalizing healthcare

Memberships at Our Sacramento Doctor's Office

Our goal is to make pricing simple and affordable.
Goodbye, EOBs, co-pays, deductibles, cost-sharing, and other confusing terms.

*For non-substance abuse memberships, we ask clients to pay for 3 months of care up front. Please contact us to learn more about our memberships and sign up process. We currently do not accept health insurance as a form of payment.


0-17 Years Old
$ 40 Monthly


18-54 Years Old
$ 110 Monthly

Adult 55+

55+ Years Old
$ 125 Monthly

Substance Abuse

Alcohol, Benzo & Opioids
$ 225 Monthly

Why Choose
Our Sacramento Doctors?

Relationship-forward care

Our staff bases our care around the close relationship that they develop with patients.

The right answers

Get the answers you deserve with accuracy you can trust.

Seamless care

We’re committed to delivering  compassionate healthcare.

Unparalleled expertise

Don’t doubt that you are getting the expert care that you deserve. 

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