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Methadone is a complex subject in addiction treatment. Methadone has been used in beneficial ways to reduce withdrawal symptoms and risks of relapse for patients with opioid use disorders. However, Methadone itself is addictive and can be abused.

Our dedicated team at SequoiaMD is a Methadone clinic in Sacramento, CA, offering tailored, compassionate care to help patients reclaim control over their lives. Discover how our comprehensive approach to Methadone addiction treatment, coupled with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) alternatives, can pave the way to a healthier, sober future.

During the first appointment, you can expect that we will listen to your story and create a treatment plan with you that addresses your unique circumstances.


This includes understanding your recovery goals and developing a comprehensive plan to fit your situation. Everyone’s situation is unique, and opioid addiction treatment should not be one-size-fits-all.

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Recovery is a process - not an outcome - and each individual’s recovery is different. Whether you you are looking to stop the cycle of using, continue to relapse despite your best efforts, or just curious about recovery, recovery is what it means to move forward.


There are three principal medications that are used to treat opiate dependence: buprenorphine (Suboxone), methadone, and naltrexone (Vivitrol). While we do not provide methadone, we do offer treatment with all other medications to treat opiate addiction. There are also a range of medications that help with other addictions, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Understanding Our Methadone Clinic in Sacramento

Methadone is a synthetic opioid medication that is primarily used in the treatment of opioid addiction, especially for individuals dependent on heroin or other strong opioids. It belongs to the class of drugs known as opioids, which interact with the opioid receptors in the brain and body to relieve pain and produce feelings of euphoria.

In the context of addiction treatment, Methadone is utilized as a long-acting opioid agonist, meaning it activates the same receptors in the brain that are activated by heroin and other opioids. However, Methadone’s effects are milder and longer-lasting, helping to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms without causing the intense euphoria associated with other opioids.

Methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) involves providing a stable dose of Methadone to individuals with opioid addiction under medical supervision. This approach helps to stabilize their condition, allowing them to function normally without the disruptive highs and lows associated with drug use. It is an evidence-based treatment method, often used in combination with counseling and therapy, to support individuals in their journey to recovery from opioid addiction. One of the most pressing issues associated with Methadone, regardless of whether it is obtained from a clinic or the streets, is its tendency to leave people feeling emotionally numb. This numbing effect is a central reason why individuals aim to discontinue its use.

Accessing Methadone from a clinic also presents challenges. Patients are required to make frequent visits, adding to the inconvenience. Despite its role in medication-assisted treatment, the addictive nature of Methadone cannot be overlooked. It often leads to undesirable side effects, including alterations in weight, eating habits, and sleep patterns, prompting many to seek alternative solutions.

At SequoiaMD, our Methadone clinic in Sacramento, we recognize the nuances of Methadone addiction. Our experts comprehend the complexities associated with this medication and its impact on individuals. We understand that while Methadone can be a vital tool in the fight against opioid addiction, it is not without its limitations. That’s why we tailor personalized treatment plans to address the specific needs of our patients, ensuring a comprehensive and compassionate approach to recovery.

Defeating the Stigma of Methadone

In the journey toward recovery, acknowledging that finding effective treatment is paramount forms the foundation of healing. It’s essential to recognize that for many, Methadone might seem like exchanging one addiction for another; however, there should be no judgment surrounding how individuals choose to overcome their struggles.

Research indicates that a significant 78% of individuals employing Methadone for opioid use disorder treatment face a pervasive stigma. This stigma, unfortunately, leads to diminished self-worth, relationship challenges, and hesitancy in seeking or continuing treatment. The apprehension individuals with opioid use disorder experience, fearing inadequate care, rejection, or scrutiny, creates substantial barriers to their recovery process.

In our approach to addiction treatment, we embrace a nonjudgmental, accepting, and supportive attitude. We understand the deep-seated fears and concerns that those with substance use disorder grapple with. Our goal is to create an environment where individuals facing substance abuse feel empowered, secure, and deeply understood, enabling them to access the necessary support they need. Our highly skilled medical staff emphasizes that addiction is a disease requiring treatment, not a reflection of one’s willpower. We actively work to diminish the stigma surrounding substance use disorders.

At SequoiaMD, we firmly believe that education and open, honest dialogue are instrumental in dismantling the harmful stigmas entrenched in mental health, addiction, and medication-assisted treatment. We encourage individuals to reach out to our Sacramento opioid rehab center today, where they will find a safe space for healing and understanding.

Stopping using feels great. However, moving away from drug use you have used every day for months or years is a big change.

Alternatives to Methadone at Sequoia MD

At SequoiaMD, we offer Methadone alternatives through our Sacramento medication-assisted treatment options. There are several alternatives to Methadone that the FDA has approved to help individuals in their journey to recovery from opioid addiction. These medications can effectively manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms without causing addiction. While Methadone can work for many people in recovery, some individuals do not like how Methadone makes them feel and may seek out alternative options.

Through our Sacramento addiction treatment options, we can help patients overcome their addictions, permanently.

  • Buprenorphine: Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, meaning it activates the opioid receptors in the brain but to a lesser degree than full agonists like Methadone. It helps in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing the same high or dangerous side effects. Buprenorphine is available in various forms, such as sublingual tablets, dissolvable films, and implants, making it a versatile and effective option for treatment.
  • Naltrexone: Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist, meaning it blocks the effects of opioids in the brain. Unlike Methadone and buprenorphine, naltrexone does not activate the opioid receptors at all. It is available in oral pill form (usually taken daily) or as a monthly injection called Vivitrol. Naltrexone is non-addictive and helps prevent relapse by blocking the rewarding effects of opioids.
  • Sublocade: Sublocade is a monthly injection of buprenorphine. It provides a steady, long-lasting dose of the medication, ensuring that patients do not have to take daily doses. Sublocade helps individuals manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms effectively.

While Methadone can be useful for individuals with an opioid use disorder, SequoiaMD offers non-addictive alternatives that won’t tether you for the rest of your recovery journey.

Transitioning From Methadone to Buprenorphine

Even individuals who have successfully used Methadone to break free from more perilous opioids might prioritize transitioning from Methadone to buprenorphine. Methadone operates as a full opioid agonist, binding entirely to opioid receptors. In contrast, buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, fully engages receptors but doesn’t induce a euphoric sensation like Methadone or other full agonists do.

Buprenorphine’s effects plateau, reaching a level where the sensation doesn’t escalate even with higher doses. This inherent dosage threshold creates what we call a ‘ceiling effect,’ limiting the intensity of opioid effects and significantly reducing the risk of misuse and side effects. This quality makes buprenorphine a safer option than Methadone, especially for individuals with mild to moderate opioid use disorder embarking on medication-assisted treatment for the first time.

Our Approach to Treating Methadone Addiction

At our Methadone clinic in Sacramento, we believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction. Our opioid and methadone addiction treatment programs incorporate evidence-based therapies under direct medical supervision. We provide a safe, supportive environment where individuals can confront the underlying causes of addiction, empowering them to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Expert Medical Care and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Safety is our priority. Our medical team closely monitors progress, ensuring a methadone addiction treatment plan evolves with a patient’s changing needs. While Methadone maintenance therapy can be an effective option for some, we also offer alternatives such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone in our MAT programs. Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, and Naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist, are non-addictive options that can help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms, providing a pathway to recovery without Methadone.

Life Skills Training

Recovery is not just about abstaining from substances; it’s about rebuilding your life. SequoiaMD’s comprehensive Methadone addiction treatment includes holistic healing practices and life skills training. From stress management techniques to financial planning, our programs equip patients with the skills needed to navigate life’s challenges without relying on substances.

Confidential and Compassionate Support

We understand the courage it takes to seek help for Methadone addiction. Our confidential consultations provide a safe space to discuss concerns, ensuring every patient receives the compassionate support they deserve.


As a patient moves into recovery away from an active opioid use disorder, we start working to build treatment services and plans that can fit your unique situation.

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