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Addiction Treatment

Sequoia MD offers direct, individualized attention for those struggling with addiction.

We care for patients with all types of substance use disorders and focus in particular on patients struggling with opiates (heroin, fentanyl, oxycontin, Norco, etc), alcohol, and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonopin).

Welcome to Sequoia MD, a Sacramento addiction counseling specialist, where we offer a comprehensive range of services, including medication-assisted therapy, individual counseling, and group sessions. Our program offers you a truly client-first experience through completely customized treatment plans that meet every client’s unique needs.

By joining our substance abuse treatment program in Sacramento, you can maintain your current living arrangements, which allows you to fulfill your responsibilities, such as taking care of children and meeting school requirements, all while prioritizing your long-term health and happiness.

Patients often find our program highly appealing as it enables them to balance their obligations while receiving the necessary support needed to find recovery. While our direct-care model is significantly more cost effective than traditional treatment providers, the personalized experience and compassionate care are what make us your best choice for addiction counseling in Sacramento.  

As you progress through your recovery, the frequency and intensity of your sessions may decrease gradually until you eventually attend just a few recovery support group meetings per week. This progressive approach ensures that you receive the appropriate level of support throughout different phases of your recovery.

We may initially incorporate medications to manage your symptoms throughout your recovery journey. However, as you continue your transition toward lasting recovery, we will focus on equipping you with effective coping mechanisms to support long-term sobriety.

Take the first step today by contacting our team for a confidential assessment. We are here to support you on your journey to recovery.

Addiction treatment in Sacramento might be a good fit if:

You have a supportive living environment
Your home does not include others who are abusing drugs or alcohol
You can maintain your independence and facilitate transportation to and from meetings or appointments
You want to make appointments on a more flexible schedule to accommodate your other obligations
You want a program with the same level of care but a lower price tag

Call our Sacramento addiction treatment center today to start your confidential assessment. 

How We Can Help

Our Sacramento Addiction Treatment Program


Recovery is a process - not an outcome - and each individual’s recovery is different. Whether you you are looking to stop the cycle of using, continue to relapse despite your best efforts, or just curious about recovery, recovery is what it means to move forward.


There are three principal medications that are used to treat opiate dependence: buprenorphine (Suboxone), methadone, and naltrexone (Vivitrol). While we do not provide methadone, we do offer treatment with all other medications to treat opiate addiction. There are also a range of medications that help with other addictions, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Understanding Addiction Recovery

At Sequoia MD, we understand that recovery is a unique process, and we are dedicated to providing specialized outpatient services to help you stabilize your life and address the challenges that arise along the way. Our substance abuse programs are personalized to your needs and experiences, combining medication management alongside group and individual services to help you better understand the root causes of addiction. In addition, our goal is to help you resolve conflicts within your relationships, replace harmful behaviors, comprehend the impact of addiction, identify triggers, and develop essential coping skills.

We hand-craft your treatment plan based on your unique needs and experiences. The therapy you receive will encompass a combination of group and individual services, each designed to help you:

Group Participation

Participation in support groups is an integral part of our program for many patients, providing ongoing care as you navigate through recovery. By connecting with individuals facing similar challenges, you gain practical insights, coping strategies, emotional support, and a sense of belonging that can help you overcome feelings of isolation and focus on self-care to manage stress and improve overall wellness. We also offer 12-step groups that specifically cater to the needs of both individuals with addiction and their family members.

In these groups, you can:

  • Learn coping strategies from those with firsthand experience
  • Experience personal growth through sharing your emotions
  • Overcome feelings of isolation commonly associated with recovery
  • Focus on self-care ideas to manage stress and improve overall wellness

Support groups bring together individuals with similar conditions. These sessions can also be conducted online, eliminating the need for transportation while still providing enhanced communication and group support.

While peer support may not be best for everyone, many individuals find the support and community to be an incredibly beneficial aspect of treatment.

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Family Integration

Family integration is a crucial aspect of Sacramento's addiction treatment at Sequoia MD. We recognize that addiction affects the entire family, leading to disruptions in dynamics and relationships. By actively involving your family members in therapy sessions, we aim to rebuild trust, foster understanding, and facilitate healing from the trauma caused by addiction.

Family integration can:

  • Transform hopelessness into hope
  • Foster understanding in place of frustration
  • Replace stress with strength
  • Rebuild trust and encourage reconciliation
  • Are you ready to take the next step? Call us today to enroll in addiction treatment in Sacramento.

For many individuals in recovery, medication management is a crucial aspect of addiction treatment in Sacramento. A wide range of medications exists to aid with different types of addictions, providing a valuable tool to support your recovery from the outset.

Contact our team today to explore which medications might be beneficial in your situation.

Medication Management

Medication management is another essential component of our approach to addiction treatment. Our experienced team will actively guide you in exploring the available medication options and help you find the most suitable ones to support your recovery. Explore our medication-assisted treatment options to learn more.

Contact Sequoia MD today to enroll in our outpatient addiction treatment in Sacramento. Together, we will actively work towards achieving long-term health, happiness, and a brighter future.

Contact Sequoia MD today to enroll in our outpatient addiction treatment in Sacramento. Together, we will actively work towards achieving long-term health, happiness, and a brighter future.

Paying for Addiction Treatment in Sacramento

Data from the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics indicate that the average outpatient rehab cost for a thirty-day stay is between $1,400 and $10,000.


Not only are outpatient services much more expensive, but monthly premiums on any of the available health insurance plans come with price tags three or four times what we charge.

Average HMO Monthly cost for adult 27 years old Average EPO Monthly cost for adult 27 years old Average PPO Monthly cost for adult 27 years old Average Subscription Monthly cost for adult 27 years old with Sequoia MD

Our program is only $200 monthly for substance abuse outpatient treatment, representing a fraction of the national average at other facilities. 


Our team specializes in encouraging long-term success by way of ongoing care. The affordability of our plans means you can use medication-assisted treatment during your initial substance abuse program and continue with ongoing primary care where necessary. If you want to maintain your private health insurance for primary care needs but use our substance abuse treatment program out of pocket, we can help you get started immediately. We are here to serve you in whatever way works best.


Sequoia MD is here for you. Reach out to our staff to learn about our affordable subscription plans.

Addictions That We Treat at Sequoia MD

What We Treat

There are many definitions of addiction, and many ways of viewing the problem. We view addiction as a chronic, relapsing, remitting medical problem, for which excellent treatments exist. Addiction recovery is possible.

The Sequoia MD Approach to Addiction Treatment

From medication-assisted treatment to treatment of mental health issues, our substance abuse and addiction treatment services in Sacramento, CA are tailored to you specifically. We find relapse prevention just as important as Sacramento outpatient drug rehab.

Substance use disorders come in all different types. Regardless of the particular chemical, everyone we see who has struggled with addiction has felt their life get out of control. Damaged relationships, problems at work, decaying family, money problems, feelings of loss of control are all hallmarks of the problem.

Some people need drug detox, while others may need additional treatment for an underlying mental health disorder. Some people require individual therapy, while others prefer family therapy.

Every situation is unique, and our goal is to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, so you can get out of the cycle of using, and back to living your life.


Medications That We Use at Sequoia MD

What We Use to Treat

Recovery is a process – not an outcome – and each individual’s recovery is different. For many people, the initial period after the substance use stops is focused on stabilization. As the chaos associated with addiction begins to fade, things improve dramatically. 


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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

Medication in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction can significantly increase the likelihood of successful recovery. It’s important to understand that medication is just one piece of the puzzle; combined with counseling, behavioral therapies, and support groups strengthens your path to victory.

Medications play a crucial role in curbing intense cravings for drugs or alcohol. This empowers you to resist the temptation to use substances, reducing the chances of relapse.

Substance abuse can wreak havoc on your brain chemistry. The good news is that certain medications can restore balance to your brain’s neurotransmitters, improving your mood and reducing the risk of feeling down or anxious throughout your recovery journey.

Some medications are remarkably effective at preventing relapse by blocking the effects of certain drugs or alcohol. This is a powerful deterrent, ensuring you won’t experience the desired high even if you attempt to use substances. Medication-assisted treatment has demonstrated solid results in improving treatment retention rates. Reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms motivates you to stay committed to your recovery program like a pro.

Combining medications with behavioral therapies is a winning strategy. Research shows that this combination significantly improves treatment outcomes for substance use disorders, setting you up for success.

Remember, it’s essential to work with qualified healthcare professionals specialized in addiction medicine for your medication journey. Tailoring the treatment to your unique needs and circumstances is vital.

Common medications that can be used during the treatment processs include: 

  • Naltrexone: an FDA-approved medication that can be used to treat alcohol and opioid addiction. Naltrexone blocks the effects of opioids and reduces opioid cravings. Naltrexone is not an opioid and is non-addictive.
  • Buprenorphine: an FDA-approved medication that can be used to treat chronic pain and opioid addiction. Buprenorphine is a synthetic opioid used to substitute stronger more addictive opioids at the start of treatment.
  • Disulfiram: an FDA-approved medication that can be used to treat alcoholism. Disulfiram causes unpleasant side effects when alcohol is consumed, including headaches and vomiting, as a deterrent to any alcohol consumption. 
  • Acamprosate: an FDA-approved medication used to reduce cravings associated with alcoholism.
  • Wellbutrin: an FDA-approved medication designed to treat depression, anxiety, and various other mood disorders. Wellbutrin can also be used to quit smoking cigarettes and has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction.

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Choose Sequoia MD For Addiction Treatment in Sacramento

Our direct-care, addiction treatment program in Sacramento actively provides personalized care and support to guide you on your journey to recovery. 

We enable you to obtain a thorough understanding of the origins of addiction, resolve issues in your relationships, replace destructive behaviors, and build critical coping skills through a combination of group and one-on-one treatments. We encourage long-term care and connection in our support groups, allowing you to benefit from others’ experiences and get ongoing assistance. We understand how important it is to involve your family in the healing process. We help restore ties, heal old wounds, and change toxic dynamics into supportive, nurturing environments by actively incorporating your loved ones in therapy sessions. This is all alongside our medication assisted treatment in Sacramento.

Today, take charge of your life and start down the road to recovery. Our knowledgeable team actively assists you in choosing the best prescription to meet your unique needs and increase your chances of success by guiding you through the range of available possibilities. To start your outpatient addiction treatment in Sacramento, get in touch with us right away. We shall actively strive to achieve long-term health, happiness, and a better future together. Here to help you is Sequoia MD. To find out more about our reasonably priced subscription plans, contact our team. 

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