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If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Admitting that you need help is a critical step, but finding the right type of care and the right treatment facility is just as important. With Sequoia MD, our mission is to provide treatment for the individual, not the disease, offering addiction treatment near Folsom in addition to ongoing Primary Care subscription options to keep our clients healthy and happy long-term.


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Every individual has the entitlement to pursue a life that is not only healthy but also filled with joy. A fundamental component of realizing this during the recovery journey is identifying the right outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in the Sacramento area. Sequoia MD offers readily available addiction treatment for opioid, alcohol, and various other substance dependencies.

The medical care team at Sequoia MD prioritizes medication-assisted treatment as a central element of our comprehensive addiction treatment program. We stand ready to support you on your path to recovery.

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Finding Addiction Treatment Near Folsom

California is not immune to issues with addiction, and Folsom is no exception. Folsom has high rates of opioid addiction compared to the state average, indicating a need for affordable treatment. And yet, many people fail to get that treatment because they are afraid of failing or are worried about the increasing costs of substance abuse treatment.


  • Nearly ten percent of adults in California struggle with a substance abuse disorder.
  • Only ten percent of adults with an addiction received treatment in the last year, even with health insurance coverage options.
  • Amphetamine-related visits to the emergency room increased by fifty percent in the last two years.

Sequoia MD can offer affordable outpatient treatment in Folsom. Reach out to our team to learn more about our Folsom addiction treatment subscriptions. 

Why Choose Sequoia MD for
Folsom Addiction Treatment

Looking at addiction treatment near Folsom can produce a dizzying number of options. So how do you choose the right one?

This comes down to personal preference and what matters most to you. With Sequoia MD, we emphasize a direct care approach, treatment for the person and not the disease, and a long-term form of support that makes a recovery more approachable and less frightening. 

What sets our facility apart is that we utilize a Direct Primary Care model for our regular clients and substance abuse programs. This model provides much less expensive treatment that you can start immediately and gives you unlimited access to your care team when you have questions or concerns during your recovery.

The reduced cost of our subscription model makes it feasible for many individuals struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders to get the help they need long-term. Too often, people enter recovery for one month or two months, but after that, they can’t afford any service or support. This leaves them just as susceptible as when they entered treatment. We appreciate that recovery is a lifelong journey and want to be there with you through every stage.


With our Folsom addiction treatment programs, we individualize the care you receive based on your needs. Medication is an essential part of your initial recovery process for some substances.


With conditions like alcoholism or opioid addiction, we can work with you to utilize medications that reduce your risk of relapse.

Ongoing Therapy

Medication management is just part of the recovery process, and as you move towards sobriety, it becomes a less essential part with a focus that pivots toward group therapy sessions. With our Folsom addiction treatment, we understand that some people thrive in individual therapy sessions while others prefer group meetings or family therapy. That is why we offer evidence-based treatments, including individual therapy, group therapy, family involvement, gender-specific therapy, and engagement in 12-step programs.


With our addiction treatment near Folsom, you might have a plan with a combination of the following:

  • Bio-medical treatment
  • Evidence-based
  • Group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Gender-specific
  • Individual treatment
  • Medical services
  • Minnesota model
  • Non-12 step programs
  • Personalized treatment
  • Strengths-based therapy
  • Twelve-step program
  • Wellness programs

Dual Diagnosis

We understand that many people who are looking for addiction treatment near Folsom might also struggle with dual diagnosis conditions such as depression or PTSD. Nearly fifty percent of people with a substance abuse disorder also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. 


Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders occur when clients have substance abuse and mental health disorders. Genetics can predispose someone to mental health and addiction; triggers in the environment, early exposure to substances, or drug abuse can all Aggravate or increase the risk of co-occurring disorders.

At Sequoia MD, we focus on targeting recovery from substance abuse in our addiction treatment programs. We can provide some mental health services for ongoing care, especially for those who enroll in our regular Primary Care subscription plans. If we are unable to provide the services you require, we can give you referrals to nearby Sacramento services after your substance abuse treatment. 


Reach out to our team to learn more about our primary care packages and substance abuse subscriptions. 

Managing Folsom
Addiction Treatment Costs

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics indicates that most outpatient rehab centers provide three-month programs for a cost of $5,000.


The average health insurance plan is $928 for the most basic tier, with monthly costs increasing to $1,217 for the middle-of-the-road plan and up to $1,336 for the most expensive plans. These costs don’t take into account subsidies and tax credits but still represent a significant cost for individuals compared with services provided by Sequoia MD. 


By comparison, our Folsom addiction treatment program for benzodiazepine taper management, opiate dependency treatment, and alcohol disorder treatment averages $200 per month. 


After completing substance abuse treatment, all of our clients can continue with a membership-based Primary Care Program for additional services and medical support. Adults between the ages of 18 and 54 can expect this subscription to average $85 per month.


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Doctor visits can be a daunting, expensive & impersonal experience. That's why Sequoia MD offers tailored, direct care that will help you make the most of your well-being and lead a fulfilled life.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction can feel hopeless. We provide addiction treatment care to those who struggle with substance abuse ranging from alcohol to opioid addiction, so they can return to enjoying healthy, meaningful lives.

Transgender Care

Many in the transgender community are apprehensive that they won't feel safe disclosing their needs & desires to their doctor. Sequoia MD understands those challenges and provides empathetic care that affirms you and your gender.

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With Sequoia MD, we practice a Direct Primary Care model, which, as the name suggests, means we give you direct care without any intermediaries like health insurance companies. By getting rid of things like insurance premiums and healthcare red tape, we can focus exclusively on providing top-tier care while eliminating much of the financial burden people typically experience with healthcare. 

For example:

We give you discounts on services like imaging, prescriptions, on your lab work, and multiple other aspects of your treatment.

As mentioned, this gives clients the opportunity to afford outpatient care on a longer basis, having support structures in place not just for recovery but for ongoing medical services for months or years to come at what would otherwise be the cost of one month of outgoing care at another facility.

Don’t wait to get help. Our team is here to walk you through the admissions process and help you start your subscription for addiction treatment near Folsom today.

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