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It can be difficult to look for an Auburn addiction treatment center. Getting the substance abuse treatment you need takes a great deal of courage. Many unknowns are associated with addiction, and many people are frightened because they don’t know what to expect, how much it will cost, or whether addiction treatment near Auburn will work for them. 


If you or someone close to you is in need of addiction treatment near Auburn, reach out to our team today to learn how our program works. 

Each person has the right to lead a life that is both healthy and joyful. A crucial aspect of achieving this in the recovery process involves locating the appropriate outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in the Sacramento area. Sequoia MD provides easily accessible addiction treatment for opioid, alcohol, and various other substance dependencies.


Sequoia MD’s medical care staff provides medication assisted treatment as a main part of our addiction treatment program. We are here to assist you in your recovery journey.

What We Do

Our Specialities

Primary Care

Doctor visits can be a daunting, expensive & impersonal experience. That's why Sequoia MD offers tailored, direct care that will help you make the most of your well-being and lead a fulfilled life.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction can feel hopeless. We provide addiction treatment care to those who struggle with substance abuse ranging from alcohol to opioid addiction, so they can return to enjoying healthy, meaningful lives.

Transgender Care

Many in the transgender community are apprehensive that they won't feel safe disclosing their needs & desires to their doctor. Sequoia MD understands those challenges and provides empathetic care that affirms you and your gender.

Why Get Treatment

The longer you go without treatment for addiction, the more likely you are to struggle with co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety. Similarly, long-term, untreated alcoholism or drug addiction can cause health complications like chronic conditions, liver disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes. 

Seeking a helping hand from our caring Roseville addiction treatment team gives you an opportunity to ameliorate any of these risks as quickly as possible and receive treatment through our Direct Primary Care model, experiencing health services in an entirely new fashion. 

We provide a different kind of payment model. Instead of taking insurance, we provide an affordable “subscription based” model that is all-encompassing of our services. We can discuss your addiction treatment plan and care for the flu that you have all in the same appointment. Take a look at our pricing to learn more.

Reach out to our team today at 916-545-6345 to learn more about how we can help you save on outpatient addiction treatment. 

Finding Addiction Treatment Near Auburn

Substance abuse cannot be cured with a single visit; it is a lifelong effort to maintain sobriety and move ever closer toward full recovery. Finding the right addiction treatment near Auburn can be overwhelming when you look at the multitude of options. However, Sequoia MD can provide ongoing Auburn addiction treatment for those who prefer the flexibility and affordability of an outpatient program.

When to Consider Outpatient Care

Outpatient treatment may be a better solution for your needs. There are many situations where you might consider outpatient treatment over residential programs, not the least of which is when you can’t afford the cost of residential or inpatient programs.

As long as you have a safe and supportive living environment, whether that’s at home with family or in a sober living facility, and the means to get to and from appointments or participate in virtual appointments, you should consider outpatient programs.

There are many other situations, such as those who are still independent but need help for mild to moderate addictions. Clients may benefit from an outpatient Auburn addiction treatment program if they can’t take time off work, school, or away from family obligations but still need a flexible treatment program in the afternoons or evenings. 

Our facility has multiple addiction treatment options designed for a handful of conditions.

Conditions Treated:

Our addiction treatment provides outpatient Care through our Direct Primary Care model. This model means you have access to all of the services included in your Auburn addiction treatment for a monthly subscription fee much the same as you would pay for a streaming service or a gym membership.

Call our team today to learn more about signing up for our Direct Primary Care programs.

Paying For Auburn
Addiction Treatment

The biggest fear many people have when deciding to get help is the cost. Clients who are searching for addiction treatment near Auburn might be hesitant to reach out to a facility they like because substance abuse treatment is known to have a hefty price tag, and not many people have alternative payment options available.


At Sequoia MD, we operate with a subscription model. Rather than paying high health insurance premiums each month, you pay for monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions give you comprehensive access to your treatment provider, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Office visits
  • Emails
  • And texts


Using a monthly subscription model of care, we don’t function as in-network providers or accept private insurance. This allows us to focus instead on providing quality treatment and recovery services with our outpatient programs. Participation in our outpatient substance abuse programs means we get to work with you to minimize your drug abuse and maintain your recovery long-term at a much more affordable rate.


The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics has found the average cost of outpatient rehab for three months to be $5,000 per person. Comparatively, our substance abuse treatment program, using a subscription model for the same length of time, would only cost an average of $600 per person.

Let Sequoia MD help you today. Call us to learn more about our outpatient addiction programs. 


Why Choose Sequoia MD for Auburn Addiction Treatment

We want to develop a direct relationship between our team and our clients. For a monthly fee, you get access to a team of professionals who are there when you need them. 

Direct Contact

One of the most important features of our addiction treatment near Auburn is the contact options you have. With our substance abuse subscriptions, all clients can come to our physical office, email us, call from the road, or text us when in need. 


As part of your monthly subscription, you can trust that your team will be available whenever the need arises. You don't have to worry about going out of town for work, finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation, or in need of information regarding nearby 12-step or other group support meetings. 


In any of these situations, you can reach out to our team in whatever method works best, and we can provide your services from there.


Before you decide on your addiction treatment near Auburn, you probably want to verify the types of resources the facility has. When you call our team, you can check on things like the credentials of any mental health counselors, what kind of medical professionals regularly work at the facility, and any unique resources or programs they provide.


When you talk to our admission staff, don't be afraid to ask about this information and make a list so that you can compare different programs at a given facility or different facilities. We specialize in things like:

  • Biomedical services
  • Regular medical treatment
  • Evidence-based wellness programs and therapy
  • Personalized Auburn addiction treatment with individual and group therapy
  • Gender-specific programs
  • Family involvement
  • Participation in 12-step and similar non-12-step groups

Sequoia MD Serves the Auburn Community

If you want to learn more about our outpatient addiction treatment near Auburn, you can call us and talk to us about a tour. We can help facilitate a better understanding of what we offer, where we offer it, and how our program stands apart from the competition.


Ready to get help? Don't wait. Call our team today. 

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