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Admitting you need help for addiction takes great courage. For many individuals, that courage comes to a halt when they see the price tag associated with most substance abuse treatment plans. At Sequoia MD, we work hard to make substance abuse recovery affordable. Our Roseville addiction treatment center provides outpatient options for recovery using a subscription plan. Call, text, or email today to make your appointment. 

Every individual deserves to live a healthy, happy life; a big part of obtaining this in recovery is finding the right outpatient rehab in the Sacramento area. Sequoia MD offers accessible addiction treatment for opioid addiction and alcohol addiction, as well as other substances.

What We Do

Our Specialities

Primary Care

Doctor visits can be a daunting, expensive & impersonal experience. That's why Sequoia MD offers tailored, direct care that will help you make the most of your well-being and lead a fulfilled life.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction can feel hopeless. We provide addiction treatment care to those who struggle with substance abuse ranging from alcohol to opioid addiction, so they can return to enjoying healthy, meaningful lives.

Transgender Care

Many in the transgender community are apprehensive that they won't feel safe disclosing their needs & desires to their doctor. Sequoia MD understands those challenges and provides empathetic care that affirms you and your gender.

What We Offer at Sequoia MD

At Sequoia MD, we provide substance abuse treatment programs using an outpatient model. We utilize medication-assisted treatment within this program. Outpatient programs are best for individuals who:

  • Can maintain their independence
  • Have a supportive living environment, whether that’s a home with family or a sober living home
  • Need flexible services that can be scheduled around other obligations
  • Have already completed more intensive forms of treatment

Our outpatient program is designed to provide addiction treatment near Roseville at the cost of only a few hundred dollars per month. As a part of that service, we can give you access to ongoing care that picks up where most inpatient or residential programs leave off.

At our alcohol addiction treatment and opioid addiction treatment center, we work hard to ensure you get the comprehensive treatment you need without falling on prescriptions as a crutch. Instead, we work with you to treat underlying causes and improve your toolkit for ongoing sobriety. Call us today at 916-545-6345

Why Consider Outpatient Services

Most inpatient programs give you a chance to commit yourself full-time to your recovery, but as soon as you are done with your program, you go right back to your daily life without any space or time to transition. Ongoing support may not exist as part of the program you have chosen.

With Sequoia MD, we work hard to fill those gaps and provide outpatient services on a much more regular basis so that individuals can receive the ongoing substance abuse care, therapy, and medications they might need for months or years to come.

Treatment Philosophy

  • Bio-medical
  • Evidence-based
  • Group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Gender-specific
  • Individual treatment
  • Medical
  • Minnesota model
  • Non-12 step
  • Personalized treatment
  • Spiritual Emphasis
  • Strengths-based
  • Twelve-step
  • Wellness

Conditions Treated

  • Alcoholism
  • Benzodiazepine addiction
  • Chronic relapse
  • Cocaine
  • Depression
  • Heroin
  • Opioid addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • PTSD
  • Trauma

Note: Our facility is not wholly composed of psychiatrists. We specialize in primary care and substance abuse treatment but can also offer treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Primary mental health disorders get treated through your primary care program or through substance abuse care for dual diagnosis. 

We provide more services than most outpatient substance abuse treatment clinics. Call our team today to start your recovery.

Roseville Addiction Treatment:
What to Expect

We know that addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. Even after clients have stopped using or drinking and completed a residential program or inpatient program, we provide ongoing support and services that help those individuals maintain their sobriety and live a life of purpose.


Customized treatment plans are critical to success. While other programs are not only prohibitively expensive but focus solely on the short-term gains of recovery, Sequoia MD focuses on affordable addiction treatment near Roseville that provides long-term management for recovery.


This recovery is achieved with medications and therapy.

Families and Roseville Addiction Treatment

We understand that addiction doesn't just affect the individual. It affects the family. That is why our addiction treatment near Roseville doesn't limit itself to support and services for the individual. With client permission, we integrate families at outpatient appointments.


This gives family members a chance to ask questions they have about medications, learn more about how addiction works, or improve family dynamics during recovery.


Individuals undergoing addiction treatment are more likely to complete their program if they have the support of their family members. That is why we encourage everyone who comes to our office to consider integrating those family members or friends with whom they are close in their recovery.

Medications Used in Addiction Treatment Near Roseville

Sequoia MD encourages clients undergoing substance abuse to consider using medications. We use three principal medications for opioid addiction and a range of other medications to help with things like alcoholism or addiction to benzodiazepines.


Medications can help in two ways:

  1.  First, FDA-approved prescription medications can help clients get through their initial withdrawal symptoms. These medications can lessen the impact of withdrawal and make clients more comfortable during detox.
  2.  Second, medications can be used on an ongoing basis to help cope with the initial cravings clients might experience for several weeks or months after detox. Some of these medications can be used to prevent or postpone a potential relapse.


We don't require our clients to take medication, but we know that those who do are more likely to avoid a relapse, reduce law enforcement issues in the future, and retain ongoing employment. When you reach out to our team, we will review these details and go over the risks and benefits associated with any medication used for Roseville addiction treatment.

Therapy in Recovery

Any medication used is amplified in its success by participation in ongoing therapy. A big part of our addiction treatment near Roseville incorporates individual and group therapy sessions. Sequoia MD specializes in outpatient programs that have flexible hours and give you access to ongoing support groups and therapy services on a schedule that works around other obligations. 


Our goals are to provide each client with long-term care. Call us today to learn about our accessibility and flexible subscription plans.


Legal Issues and Roseville
Addiction Treatment

It’s not uncommon for individuals who are looking into addiction treatment near Roseville to struggle with an ongoing legal issue. The judge might sometimes require drug or alcohol rehab services as part of the ruling. And yet, those services still have to be paid for out of pocket, and not all individuals can afford the thousands of dollars per month that traditional outpatient programs charge.


Sequoia MD makes this service more affordable and accessible no matter your circumstance. Many of our clients have pending legal issues with which to contend. We work with you around other legal obligations or requirements.


If you are ready for better treatment, all you have to do is call our team or sign up directly on our website. From there, we will reach out to you to confirm your appointment. During your initial appointment, we will sign you up for the subscription plan you prefer, collect a payment, and complete an initial assessment.

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