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Dr. Justin writes Doc’s Thoughts, a weekly newsletter devoted to broadening your perspective and helping readers live a healthy, happy, meaningful life. He also sees patients at SequoiaMD, a direct care practice in Sacramento focused on primary care, Addiction, type 1 diabetes, and gender-affirming care.

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Cultivate Curiosity

Curiosity is a fundamental aspect of human nature, driving us to seek knowledge, explore the unknown, and understand the world around us. It compels us

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The Next Right Step

Uncertainty is our constant companion. We often find ourselves standing at the threshold of opportunity, or facing a problem, or struggling with something, and we

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Looking for Dracula

When I was a child, I attended camp at Bearskin Meadow (fun fact– decades later, I’m the medical director for DYF, the organization that runs

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The opposite of addiction

A few months ago, I wrote about opposites, and how the way we define opposites define the idea itself. For example, I wrote about how the

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Lines and Circles

Particularly in western thought, we think of many things as a linear process. When it comes to clothing and laundry, we put on clean clothes,

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More than Two

I only have two options, and neither of them are good. Most of us have felt this way, or said this to ourselves at some

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