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What do you feel?

I often talk to patients in the office and ask about how something made them feel. I’ll get a blank look, a shrug, or a

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Bring Out the Best

Humans are hauntingly dualistic. We are capable of stunning generosity, kindness, and empathy. We also can be heartbreakingly cruel, greedy, and indifferent. This duality lives

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Rupture and Repair

Rupture is inevitable in our relationships. Particularly in our close relationships, rupture is painful, and we go to lengths to avoid it. A rupture is

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A person holds another person's hands in a show of support.

Empathy and Accountability

When we think about people who have a substance use disorder, there are two dominant perspectives that drive our worldview and shape our thinking. One

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We Are What We Consume

We have often heard “you are what you eat.” This is literally true. Our bones, muscles, tendons, and organs are made up of atoms that

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