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Sprint or Marathon?

When we think about fixing problems, or moving in new directions, we do not think through the amount of time it will take to really

Stop and listen

The current cultural ethos asks us to “engage and to add your voice to the conversation.” Mostly, that seems to translate to shouting into the

Push and Pull

One of the interesting things about taking care of patients with substance use disorders is that the lessons and implications of substance use apply to

Process and Outcome

There are many useful mental models— ways of looking at the world. Looking at a problem or situation through different lenses tends to reveal different

5 Words

Fair warning: the title is a misnomer— this is not really about 5 words, but rather 5 phrases. My wife and I recently had the


Recently, I wasted a night. We had finished dinner, I had some time before bed, and there were several fun things I could have done.

Walking Through a Meadow

Have you ever walked through a meadow in the high Sierra? They look beautiful, are filled with flowers, green, and lush. While they are beautiful

Then I’ll be happy

I hate this job. But when I get promoted, then I’ll be happy. My current living situation sucks. But when I move into a bigger

Cultivate Curiosity

Curiosity is a fundamental aspect of human nature, driving us to seek knowledge, explore the unknown, and understand the world around us. It compels us

The Next Right Step

Uncertainty is our constant companion. We often find ourselves standing at the threshold of opportunity, or facing a problem, or struggling with something, and we