Introducing… the blog (and group visits)

We are always trying to innovate, and find better ways of doing things. So, as an experiment, I am planning on starting a small blog to update new happenings at SequoiaMD. In this first post, I am happy to introduce yet another new change to the practice– group visits.

Many patients that I am seeing for substance abuse issues have expressed interested in meeting other people who facing similar challenges. This program is a direct response to conversations I have had with many of you, and I hope they are helpful!

The plan will be for a pilot program, initially limited only to people who I see for substance abuse. This is an opportunity to build community, friendship and fellowship with other people who have been there. Regardless of where you are on your journey, come connect with others who are walking the same road. 

Some specifics:

  • Group visits are optional. You are not required to attend
  • I will be present, and facilitating, every visit
  • This is included in your monthly membership— there is no extra fee
  • You may attend a group visit AND continue our regular appointments, you don’t have to give anything up to attend.
  • If there is enough interest, I will add additional groups.
  • These visits will not follow a traditional 12 step model. If you would like a 12-step style meeting, there are many available in the community. This is something different.
  • You MUST RSVP for these. You know how to get in touch with me.
  • Each visit will have a minimum of 3 people, and a maximum of 8. If there are less than three people Interested, I’ll cancel the appointment.
  • To start, these will occur once per month, on the second Wednesday of the Month, at 9:30 AM. Currently scheduled November 8, December 13, and January 10.

This is a pilot program, and will evolve with time. The goal is to be helpful, and so we learn what works and what doesn’t, the visits will likely change. If you would like to attend, please get in touch!

-Justin Altschuler, MD